Junel is an independent lifestyle illustrator and exhibiting artist based in Tokyo, Japan.

Clients Include

  • SONY
  • MONOCLE Magazine
  • AEON Supermarket
  • The Body Shop
  • Fraser's Hospitality
  • BAKE Inc.
  • Straits Preserves
  • KOKKA Fabric Co. Ltd

Past Solo Shows

  • A Non-Entree Adventure (2016) - Singapore
  • Garden in Prussian (2018) - Tokyo, Japan
  • Seoul Illustration Fair (2018) - Seoul, South Korea

Fluent in both English and Japanese, she also collaborates with brands to conduct creative workshops for corporate and the public audience.

She loves cats, traveling and a generous serving of rich Matcha Ice-cream.

Get in touch for collaborations and commissions or just to say hi.

シンガポール出身、東京在住のフリーランスイラストレーター。 英語、中国語、日本語を対応可能。 The Body Shop、ナチュラルローソン、BAKE Inc.様々な国内・海外大手企業や飲食団体のイラスト・アートの仕事・ワークショップやイベントをやらせて頂きました。