A Non Entree Adventure Show

A little fantasy and adventure to top off your dessert. Pigeon had a recent show together with Non Entree Desserts Cafe at Rangoon Road, Singapore. We had huge illustrated artworks, pop-up hand-drawn little doodling, and a glass window mural of a dessert campfire! 


A live doodle session took place on 29th October. It drew curious pedestrian conversations and family interactions on the characters of my little mural. I wish I had more time to talk and explain how I do things.   

Postcards, zines and little goods were on sale too and the little milo-dinosaur badges and "An Anatomy on Singapore's Hawker Fare" zine drew much attention (the badges are all gone!) and I would like to thank all who came to support! 


I had the opportunity to interact with families and little kids, had some minutes to draw some portraits and saying hi to friends who came, time went by in a flash and I hardly had time for to document the evening in photographs. 

I would like to thank my family and all friends who came and those who supported me despite their busy schedule, helped me with the set-up and taking care of the booth, bought me drinks, and the staff of Non Entree Desserts. Much love!


Taking this forward, I would want to go into some community work in future because I enjoyed talking to and drawing families and kids. Meanwhile, signing off here to finish up some backlogs!