Spring in Tokyo

After a record-breaking freezing winter, spring has finally arrived in Tokyo! Despite the cold winter, these sakura trees bloomed ahead of schedule due to a cold snap before the sudden warm skies.

I didn't do any hanami (which literally means looking at flowers) pinics this year with friends partly because of my nasty hayfever (that just became worse!) and also illustration projects in between but here are some amazing sights around town as I stopped by and took some time to enjoy these pink little lovelies.

First stop, Zenpukuji Park in Suginami, just a 10 minute walk from Metro Minami-Asagaya Station.


Next up, the famous and almighty Meguro River.

IMG_4796 2.jpg

Made an illustrative study on favourite things that reminds us of spring in Japan and it's now available for purchase as A4 prints via my webstore! The glorious Yakisoba-buns, sweet little hanami-dango mochi and traditional sakura-mochi, warm bottles of green tea in Stanley Camping flasks for picnics, clanking bottles of Asahi Super Dry beer all under the sakura trees, what's not to love about Spring in Japan?