Blossom Blast! In celebration for the International Women's Day

I had the privilege to be invited to the opening party of BLOSSOM BLAST (Big thank you to Miki!) , BLOSSOM BLAST is designed to celebrate female ambition and showcase the amazing talent pool of female artists based in Japan in tandem with the 2016 International Women's Day. The spotlight was on female artists and issues we today face contrasting with the dominating male counterparts in Tokyo's art scene even till today. And with that I could relate to it too, being a creative in Tokyo myself. 

This show is put together by the fantastic crew at TokyoDex and UltraSuperNew Gallery (Together with Heineken & Adobe Creative Cloud), with Miki Saito as the curator. Featuring works in various media of ink, acrylic, installation and styles, each and every piece tells a tale. Celebrating and raising awareness for women in the arts and bursting with energy, pop colours, lines and shapes, it's definitely worth a visit for both men and women! If you are near Harajuku, Blossom Blast will be on today till 16th March so be sure to get down to UltraSuperNew gallery for some real girl power! 

Live Painter Gerutama doing her piece for the event

Live Painter Gerutama doing her piece for the event

Archie: Gender Unknown - Miki Saito 

Thank you to Miki for the invitation! 

Surface of the Sea - Luise Ono

The Flying Pineapple hole - Yuko Kanatani 

Calligra2ity - Calligrapher Mami 

Flower Corals - pokke104

12時過ぎても、消えない、消えない, HUG chan - Chiaki Kohara

Guests are entertained by animation series "Candy Sea Pop", "Invisible Eclipse feat. Jebski", "the CIRCUS". - Haruka Sakota

妄想族:女 Hallucinating people: Female - Rika Shimasaki

I happen to speak with Rika on her painting. Rika's painting of a hallucinating female portraits a girl with many different sides: of spiders, flowers, and butterflies in relation to one's feelings. 

Rika Shimasaki giving thoughts on her painting. 

宇宙に漂う水色のお寿司 (Blue sushi of the universe) - Mako, Principal

Synchroncities - Frankie Cihi

What is your sexual identity at this moment? - Kuristina Culina