Together with a group of talented artists, 5 latest art pieces are on display and available for purchase at Clouds + Art Coffee, in Koenji, Tokyo. 

Show ends on 7th January 2018. 


MONOCLE MAGAZINE - September 2017

An Anatomy of Singapore's Hawker Fare zine set, and Hungry Melbourne, featured in the reads column in September 2017 issue of Monocle Magazine.

Taipei Art Book Fair 2017

Zines and maps will be on displayed in this annual art book event on Oct 13 - 15, held in Taipei City. 

Singapore Art Book Fair 2017

An annual book fair specialising in contemporary art books & zines of Singapore and beyond.


Blossom Blast 2017

March 2017

“Blossom Blast” is an exhibition that celebrates femininity and showcases the amazing talent pool of ambitious female artists in Japan. In tandem with International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrated globally on March 8, TokyoDex and UltraSuperNew have invited curator Miki Saito to gather a group of artists who explore the concept of this year’s show, “What It Means To Be A Woman” today.

A Non Entree Adventure

Oct 2016

A little fantasy and adventure to top off your dessert. Pigeon had a recent show together with Non Entree Desserts Cafe at Rangoon Road, Singapore. We had huge illustrated artworks, pop-up hand-drawn little doodling, and a glass window mural of a dessert campfire!

Shibuya Cross FM (Tokyo)

Nov 2016

An interactive and fun radio and live feeds that features creatives living in Tokyo, inviting them to talk on what they do, how they did it, and little snippets of their creative journey with DJ MYU. 


December 2014

Japanese Television art segment celebrating the different genres of design in art and in our daily lives.

Featured in  #56 and #60 episode of NHK Japan - Design-Ah (デザインあ)NHK  Eテレのデザイン番組「デザインあ」を出演させていただきました。