Take a walk into a garden...

of colours with a contrasting mix of my favourite shades - prussian blue & payne's grey.

Junel was never a flower-person. However, she started painting flowers at the end of last year as a therapy to stress and self-doubt and realised that they brought colours and inspiration back to her life. Stopping by blooming private gardens also became her favourite past time.

In her very first solo show in Tokyo, she expresses herself with colourful botanic with her favourite colour shade - prussian blue & payne's grey. Take a closer look and you'll realise that she's painting her emotions in a chronological timeline.


Show Dates  展示期間 

3 - 15 July 2018 2018年7月3日〜15日

Venue  場所

Ki Cafe & Gallery 

5-9-5 Daita, Setagaya, Tokyo 


Hours  画廊営業時間

1PM - 7PM Daily (Closed on Mondays 月曜休み)

In-Gallery Days  在廊日程

Opening Day & Thursdays to Sundays (Subject to changes. Follow her on Instagram for more updates) 初日、木曜日〜日曜日(変更可能)